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OK, I’m a little obsessed with this event right now…

…So much that I’m posting about it AGAIN and I’m trying to Craigslist a new camera.

Until October 9, Shecky’s is offering 50% off Girls Night Out: Dallas tickets.  Girls Night Out: Dallas is a two day (Oct 29-30) shopathon event featuring beauty professionals, shopping, cocktails, products trials and a sweet goody bag.  For a mere $12.50 per day, you score a gift bag and an all-access pass to this massive event.  It’s $35 at the door so act now.  Oh, and because of the alcohol, you must be at least 21 yrs. old to attend.


Fashion…Cocktails…Beauty…Goodie Bags…all the elements of the famous Shecky’s Girls Night Out: Dallas on October 29 & 30. I’ve always wanted to go but have never had the time. This year, however, I was able to buy my ticket for 50% off! It was enough of an incentive for me to make time.  Shecky’s has events all over the country.  Here’s a video clip of Girl’s Night Out:

Shecky’s Girls Night Out from Shecky's on Vimeo.

I will definitely be blogging the awesome time I have there; their free goodie bags are legendary enough to warrant their own post later.  But I will also be sharing the awesome fashion and beauty that I score there.  Hopefully, by then my camera will be working by then!

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