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I’m currently watching Fringe on Fox which inspired this post about fringe in fashion.  A fringe purse in a neutral color is perfect for this fall, adding fluidity to an outfit that would be anchored by skinny pants or leggings.  If you’re looking for an investment bag, Graham & Spencer has a suede fringe bag ($544) for you.  Check it out by clicking on this pic:

Graham & Spencer at ShopStyle

But if you’re looking to save some cash and still get the trend, Mark has a great faux-suede version for only $32.  Buy it from your favorite Avon sales rep by clicking the pic or by ordering it from me:

Avon at ShopStyle

Since I started hitting the heavy bag, I’ve been sore scoping out cute gym gear.  Something about fun colors and flattering cuts make me feel so pumped, even though I’m sweaty (and mildly gross).  A functional and stylish gym bag is essential for me.  I’ve also put together a few cute pieces for all types of workouts:


Bonus:  Check out the great Avon top for Breast Cancer.

Animal prints are hot this season, and I have been on the hunt (get it?) for the perfect print.  I have eyed some cute pieces both as skirts and tops, but alas, I have yet to purchase anything.  Prints in my wardrobe are usually accent pieces (belts, bags, et cetera) and I may have found the perfect skirt.  It blends leopard print band with a fluid, versatile skirt.  This cute black bottom retails for a super sweet price of $14.80 at Forever 21:


Lindsay Lohan, a child actress with a penchant for partying and making headlines, teamed up with Parisian fashion label, Ungaro, to launch a Spring 2010 collection that has many fashion minds shaking their heads.  I’m guessing that Lohan’s new title of “Artistic Advisor” was a bit of a stretch for the actress turned tanning-products-and-leggings designer.  For the Ungaro show, the colors, the obvious heart motifs, 80’s silhouettes, a widely divergent look for the Ungaro house…are just some of the factors cited by style sources.  For me, I just couldn’t appreciate the pasties + blazer combo:

photo from © 2009 Condé Nast Digital

photo from © 2009 Condé Nast Digital

Here are just a few of my favorite blogs, sounding off on the collection: – “This quickly devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, “bad eighties” draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties. To top it off, the fabrics and the construction lacked the finesse you expect from a famous Avenue Montaigne brand.”

Stylexperts – “When I heard this summer while in St Tropez from one of the major manager of Ungaro, they just appointed Lindsey Lohan to design the new Ungaro collection, I nearly felt out of my chair.”

Racked NY – “Basically, everyone is obsessed with the Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro thing and no one really likes it.”

The Recessionista – “All I can say is WTF?! Why, why, why? Here we are in the midst of some really tough times and this high-priced “collection” is released.”

Of course, critics are meant to have strong opinions and be meticulous, and maybe the general public will like the collection.  But personally, I’m not a big fan of neons, pasties, or skin-tight dresses.  What do you think?

As a marketing major and fresh blogger, I’ve come upon a bit of news that will rock the blogosphere.  The Federal Trade Commission announced that it will regulate endorsements via the social media.  That means that any blogger (from celebrity to a casual writer) will be subject to FTC regulation and must make public the “material connections” in product reviews.  Advertising, celebrity endorsements, and product opinions now fall under the scope of a guideline penned in 1980.   A ripple effect  will surely alter future blog advertising, free products/gifts to bloggers, company sponsorship, product reviews, et cetera; ultimately, it’s a broad jurisdiction which I’m curious to see how the FTC will monitor everyone.  For more information, read the news directly from the FTC here.  What do you think???

OK, I’m a little obsessed with this event right now…

…So much that I’m posting about it AGAIN and I’m trying to Craigslist a new camera.

Until October 9, Shecky’s is offering 50% off Girls Night Out: Dallas tickets.  Girls Night Out: Dallas is a two day (Oct 29-30) shopathon event featuring beauty professionals, shopping, cocktails, products trials and a sweet goody bag.  For a mere $12.50 per day, you score a gift bag and an all-access pass to this massive event.  It’s $35 at the door so act now.  Oh, and because of the alcohol, you must be at least 21 yrs. old to attend.

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